Jagdpanther ("Hunting Panther" in German) was a powerful tank destroyer built by Hitler’s Nazi Germany during the Second World War (WWII). It combined the extremely powerful King Tiger main gun and the successful chassis of Panther G tank, which gave Jagdpanther the most deadly firepower, excellent slopping armor protection and great mobility at the same time.

Jagdpanther had an extremely powerful main gun, the long-barrel 8.8 cm Pak 43/3 (or 43/4) L/71 gun that was also installed on King Tiger, which was capable of destroying any Allied tanks. A 7.92 mm MG-34 machine gun was installed on the chassis.

Frontal armour of Jagdpanther was 80 mm. Mantlet armor of Jagdpanther was 100 mm. The side and rear armor of Jagdpanther was 45 mm and 40 mm, respectively.

Jagdpanther  weighs 45.5 tons. It measures 9.87 m long, 3.42 m wide, and 2.71 m high. Jagdpanther is powered by Maybach HL230 P30 (V-12 petrol) 700 PS (690 hp, 515 kW) engine. The top speed of Jagdpanther could reach 46 km/h. The operational range of Jagdpanther is 160 km. The power/weight ratio of Jagdpanther is 15.4 PS/ton.

In total, 415 Jagdpanthers were produced during 1944-1945.






(Heng Long 1/16 Jagdpanther RC tank. The picture was taken by TankArmy.com in Australia)




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