Q: Can I check my tracking number online?

A: Tracking number will be emailed to you after your payment is received.

For Australian buyers, all the parcels come with online tracking service and signature is required on delivery. If you miss the delivery, you can pick up your parcel in your local post office which should not be far away from your home.

For international buyers, we use Australia Post Standard International Air Mail and Economic Air Mail, depending on the weight and value of your order. Online tracking is not available for light parcels. If you require online tracking, please contact us at info@tankarmy.com. The estimated delivery timeframe is 4-10 business days. If you do not receive it after 20 business days, please let us know and we will request Australia Post to start an investigation.

Q: Where is your stock?

A: Our stock is in Melbourne, Australia. Your items will be checked to make sure that they are free of any problems in Melbourne, Australia, and then posted via Australia Post.

Q: Do you accept bank transfer?

A: Yes, but only for Australian buyers. Our price contains 2.4% Paypal fee and it will be removed when you do bank transfer.

For international buyers, in addition to the expansive fees for buyers, we are also charged high fees to receive money from overseas. For example, we were charged AU$25 for receiving AU$100.

Therefore, for international buyers, we only accept Paypal, with buyer protection and seller protection for peace of mind.

Q: Why is your international postage expansive?

A: It is charged by Australia Post. You can calculate postage on Australia Post website: http://auspost.com.au/apps/postage-calculator.html

In addition to that, there are 3.4% Paypal fees (oversea fees) on the postage and costs for box, packing and printing Customs documents.

International postage is always expansive. When Aussies order American products from the other side of the Pacific Ocean, postage is very expansive too. Thanks for your understanding.

Q: Does your 5 time torque motor work with Heng Long RX-18 and 2.4Ghz boards?

A: This motor is designed for Heng Long RX-18 and 2.4Ghz boards and its current is controlled below the current limit of the Heng Long RX-18 and 2.4Ghz boards. This motor has been installed on hundreds of Heng Long tanks without any problems. Many buyers have ordered this motor repeatedly.

Q: I am an international buyer. Will I be charged any Customs duty?

A: It depends on the policy of your country. Please contact your local authorities about Customs duty.

Q: Can you guarantee my parcel to be delivered before my deadline?

A: Delivery time depends on post office and your local Customs, which is beyond our control. Delay of mails happens. If you have a deadline to receive the parcel, please do not order. Thanks for your understanding.

Q: Your item does not fit my tank. No need to tell you more details. Refund my money otherwise you will never be able to sell anything. You want to play that game?

A: We need to know what is wrong with the item to help you. If you refuse to tell us the problem, we are unable to help. We check each item carefully before shipping. If you believe something is wrong, you need to tell us the details so that we can help you. If we do not ask details and simply refund without sound reason, the loss will be added to the cost of other items and increase the price for all buyers. We are responsible for each buyer to ensure the best price for everyone. Thanks for your understanding.

Although most buyers are very nice, we do receive threatening messages with dirty words from time to time. Below are two examples:

Example 1. From an American buyer on 19 June, 2017: I never received a refund for this purchase, instead it shows up as a charge on my credit card bill.

We replied on 19 June, 2017: We already refunded. The money left our account. Paypal also confirmed that. If you did not receive, you need to contact paypal, because that is an issue between paypal and your credit card, which is beyond our control.

From this American buyer on 19 June, 2017: Not a good answer. You are a smart ass, arent you? I will tell you what, I will spread the word in the US that your customer service sucks and you rip off your clients. Dont blame paypal for your laziness and shitty service, asshole.

Note: we have confirmed with Paypal that his payment was refunded. Now he needs to talk to Paypal with his credit card number to check out any issues that he may have, because we do not have his credit card number and cannot talk to Paypal on his behalf. Cannot understand why this buyer was so mad hearing to contact Paypal by himself. We believe that paypal will fix his problem easily after he contacts them. If he still has any problem after talking with paypal, we welcome him to contact us again and we will talk to Paypal as needed.

Such problem has never happened before. It is possibly because he did not have a Paypal account before he paid and thus got some issues with refund. That is also why we request buyers to register a paypal account before paying to avoid unnecessary issues with Paypal.